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The year 2018 celebrates Japan since, on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of Franco-Japanese diplomatic relations, numerous artistic events are organized in the capital and in France. Thus, failing to travel the 9712 km that separate us from Japan (yes, we checked), it is he who comes to us and this is the perfect opportunity to meet him and discover its infinite cultural wealth.

We have done for you, a small program composed of the best Parisian exhibitions to see to perfect its Japanese culture.

Here is our selection:

Monday: A Lucky Cat – Art Exhibition

What is it ? But finally, if you know, it’s these little cats that raise their right paws (or left) and are usually placed at the checkout of Asian restaurants. Well, you know, they come from Japanese culture. They are called Maneki-neko. The right paw is supposed to bring money while the left paw attracts customers. Tokyoite Gallery and Sato Creative have organized a colorful exhibition where the cat is king. Loan of about fifty artists, French and Japanese, were invited to customize Maneki-neko paper mache. It is therefore not less than a hundred unique figurines that are to discover: texture, color, message … All the differences of each other. We’re purring with pleasure!

From October 6 to November 9, 2018

Place: Sid Lee Gallery 7 rue du PARADIS 75010 Paris 2

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Tuesday: Shibuya – Curiosity of Tokyo

Shibuya is one of the 23 districts of Tokyo and is probably the most animated. Due to its business center, these many shops, its train station, its lights, it is a lively neighborhood that never stops. Symbol of a modern and moving Japan, it nevertheless retains a traditional, quieter part, which contrasts with the surrounding multiculturalism. On the walls, dozens of shots representing Shibuya, taken from different angles and under different lights, allow to perceive the dynamism and the singular magic of this district. Several photographic books are placed on the central tables, free to you to leaf through to go further in the discovery.

From October 19 to November 17, 2018

Place: 4th arrondissement town hall 2 Place Baudoyer, 75004 Paris

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Wednesday: Colors of Japan

It is with the help of his photographs that the artist Hidenobu Suzuki takes us to the meeting of his country, where the colors change with the seasons. Embark on a sublime voyage as aesthetic as poetic in the land of the Rising Sun.

From October 8, 2018 to January 19, 2019

Place: The Travel Houses – 76 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris

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Thursday: Furoshiki PARIS: a giant Furoshiki at the City Hall

Furoshiki consists of folding a square of fabric around objects for transport. Used by the Japanese since the eighth century, the furoshiki has settled down over the centuries in the daily life of the Japanese. An ephemeral pavilion will be opened on the forecourt of the Hotel de Ville to discover the history of this fabric. Pieces created by the artist Tsuyoshi Tane will also be exhibited, as well as workshops with participatory demonstrations.

November 1 to November 6, 2018

Place:City Hall – City Hall 75004 Paris

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Friday: The dreamed Asia of Yves Saint-Laurent

Throughout his career, Yves Saint Laurent has looked at traditional Asian costumes to bring his creations to life. This exhibition, unique and temporary, brings together about fifty haute couture models inspired by India, China and Japan, born from a vision at Saint Laurent imaginary of Asia …

From October 2, 2018 to January 27, 2019

Place: Yves Saint-Laurent Museum – 5 avenue Marceau, 75016 Paris

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