Our partners

Companies or public institutions, they help the school and its students, working in partnership with our sections and offering alternating positions or internships.

    ITECOM favors all forms of exchanges

  • Intervention in our curriculum.
  • Participation in our juries   selection.
  • Communication with our students  : conferences, round tables, testimonials. Based on a theme that interests the targeted students, come and talk with them and on this occasion make known your company, your business, your careers, your culture and your values.
  • Association of your company with prestigious and outstanding events for the students such as the sponsorship of a promotion, the Graduation Ceremony

The partnerships of the School of Itecom deal with research projects related to the major questions of companies and institutions.

From different sections of design – graphics, product, interior architecture, photo, illustration – representing different disciplines – management, code, engineering, music, electronics, etc.


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