Art prep


Formation duration : 1 year

The aim of this preparatory year is to develop knowledge in order to have a broad overview of the applied arts, the PAO and the Web professions in order to be able to determine itself in its orientation project.
The student will be able to acquire the essential bases of culture in the artistic field and to prepare himself better for one of our specializations and especially to refine his final choice as for his future job.
The will of our faculty is to train you to develop your sensitivity and your creativity to different artistic practices. At the end of this year, the student will be able to better determine his choice of orientation and specialization for the following year.

Formation program

  • Graphics
  • Culture of the image
  • Drawing and plastic expression
  • Technical drawing
  • Infographics
  • Rough story board
  • Living model


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign


Admission to school & Prerequisites

  • bachelor’s degree or equivalent / level 1 – terminale
  • Folder & interview (presentation of personal works)

Programs of study

  • Initial formation
  • Continuing Education

At the end of this prepa-art, the student will be able to orient himself on all our professional trainings or to apply for the contests of the great schools of art./p>


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