Animation and 3D realization

At the end of the 3rd year, the final exam is validated by a vocational training certificate with the OPQF qualification. 


Formation duration: 3 years

3D animation and computer graphics are present today in all areas of creative communication. The Animation and 3D production program, taught in three years, provides training in these techniques. It is naturally oriented towards the key sectors of digital creation: video games and animated films.

In addition to learning the basic techniques required for professionalization, every year the student carries out one or more projects, alone or in small teams. A core curriculum in first year and a specialization in Real or Game sector in the following years.

In the first year, students make a short film and a game model: they write their script, create characters and sets, draw the storyboard, model and animate their characters, set their “gameplay” …! This training is based on a realistic and concrete project management logic led by professional speakers: this shared passion must lead our students to be the animators and video game creators of tomorrow.

Formation program

  • Drawing and Storyboard
  • Scenario
  • 2D Animation
  • Film Making / Cutting
  • Game concept / level design
  • 3D modeling / set-up and animation
  • Materials and textures
  • Lighting and rendering / rendering engine
  • Real time engine
  • Particle effect and Sfx-Vfx
  • Montage and compositing
  • Sound design and sound editing


  • Adobe After effects / Photoshop
  • Adobe Audition / Premiere / Media-Encoder
  • 3D Studio Max / Maya
  • Mudbox
  • Unreal Devlopement Kik (UDK)
  • Unity Game engine
  • R.P.G. Maker
  • Animate, Motion Builder


  • 3D movie director
  • Game designer
  • Level designer / Event scripter
  • 3D artist / Level artist
  • Lighter
  • Special effects manager

Activity area

Film Production and Animation Series, Video Game Industry, Film and Advertising Production, Special Effects, Visual Communication Sector, Web Design / Motion Design Industry, Product Design, Architecture, Medical Imaging …

Admission to school & Prerequisites

  • Bac or equivalence
  • File & interview – (presentation of personal works)

Programs of study

  • Initial formation
  • Continuing Education
  • Work-study training (professionalization contract)

The final exam is validated by a professional training certificate. Itecom Art Design has received the OPQF qualification


  • Odile Deguercy
    • 16/03/2018
    • Master Game Design, ENJMIN /Ubisoft, Game Content Manager
    • SIntervention subject: How to determine and study the target audience of his game, and how to adapt the game to this audience
  • Nicolas Bourgeois
    • 30/03/2018
    • PhD in Computer Science, Paris IX Dauphine / University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Lecturer in Computer Science
    • Intervention topic:   Analysis of societal patterns influencing and influenced by video games
  • Pascal Mirleau
    • 06/04/2018
    • Member of the French guild of screenwriter / Screenwriter and director of collection “children”.
    • Intervention topic: Animation collection management
  • Camille Lescaudron
    • 13/04/2018
    • Master Game Design / ENJMIN / Ubisoft / Game Designer
    • Intervention topic: Monetization of a game


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