Decoration – design

Registered Title at NDCP Level III (French) and 5 (European)


Formation duration : 2 years

The decorator is the person who will be taken to restructure a space or a place of life. He must be next to an open and creative mind. Its mission is to enhance the identity of the place and sublimate the space. This training is taught as a culture and as an art. The interior designer dresses and defines the value of the concept. It represents the most beautiful harmony between design & functionality. In second year, you have the choice to specialize in “interior scene” or “visual merchandising”.

Home Makeover Workshop – Interior Scene

In total harmony with the environment, the interior designer feeds on an original attention to the realities of life. He is endowed with an open and creative spirit, his mission is to promote the identity of a place. He knows how to combine colors, shapes, structures, different styles … The whole universe of your living space is recreated in its interior and exterior atmosphere.

Concept, development, decoration, design, decorations represent the fields of intervention for this multidisciplinary profession: scenography, space, design structures, visual concept, materials, light, atmosphere, shadows …

Kitsch, trendy, classic, modern, the intimate decorator is a visitor of space, he reinvents the present, he interprets the scenarios of life … Between design & pleasure … creation! To create an interior decoration, ephemeral or long-term, is to express this space of space. The main mission of the interior designer is to be able to quickly appropriate the place to decorate and to be able to identify the problems that need to be corrected.
Decoration training helps you every customer. Remember that each project is unique.

Visual Workshop Merchandising Stalagiste

It is above all a business of commercial communication and marketing. The window dresser chooses his products to create an atmosphere and imagines a decor to highlight them. He is responsible for the decoration with various materials and supports.

Most of it works for large chain stores with integrated service, luxury stores, lounges and shopping centers. But more and more customers are varied and many markets open to the stall-decorator as companies with workshops or design offices.

This formation focuses on acquiring the basic rules of presentation. It allows to control the composition, the colored harmonies, as well as the styles and to know the peculiarities of each product and to allow, by approaching within the school ITECOM, the window dressing, the merchandising a know-how and a culture necessary for an immediate and professional intervention in the world of commerce.

THE DECORATOR – STALAGISTE MERCHANDISEUR is an artist who uses the methods of the decorative art to reach the public sensibility and showcase the product to sell. He is both the architect and the painter of showcases and stands … He arranges the items and decorates their space as the artist projects the painting that structures and illuminates his canvas. He is the creator of the commercial environment and enjoys a wide audience of passers-by, potential customers whom he must seduce and encourage to purchase. He is a professional who, with his taste and sensitivity, will evolve on the basis of the technical and artistic knowledge he has acquired. It is aimed at large-scale retailers, boutiques and small businesses, franchised chain stores and corners for shopping centers. He is in charge of the layout of stands and lounges, events …

Decorative Painting Workshop and the optical illusion Contemporain

(only at Nice)

The Decorative Painting is a vast field from murals to the repertoire of decorative motifs of the great cultures of this world, from flat painting to optical illusion, from the creation of patterns for fabrics to decorations. palace.

The optical illusion becomes with the new techniques of visual imposture …
This formation is taught as a culture and as an art.
To get closer to the real, to deceive the viewer with more modern applications, without copying like a photo, requires knowledge, reflection, observation and rigor.

Formation program

  • Creating atmosphere
  • Drawing / perspective
  • Decoration and object deco
  • Events
  • Data processing
  • Photo styling
  • Infographics
  • Decorative painting
  • Stucco and sgraffitos
  • The history of art
  • Interior architecture
  • Interior decoration
  • Makeovers
  • Scenography
  • Optical illusion


  • Autocad
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • Sketchup
  • 3DSMAX
  • Vray


  • Interior decorator
  • Interior Designer
  • Set designer
  • Photo Stylist, Stand
  • Home makeover, events

Activity area

Home Decoration, Home Staging, Events …

Admission to school & Prerequisites

  • BAC or equivalence
  • File and interview (presentation of personal works)

The final exam is validated by a professional training certificate. Itecom Art Design has received the OPQF qualification.

Programs of study

  • Initial formation
  • Continuing Education
  • Work-study formation (professionalization contract)

Title registered in the NDPC (national directory of the professional certification) under the number 24437 (ministerial decree published in the official journal of the 27/05/2015) Itecom Paris is registered with the NDPC as a training institution.


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