Web Developer

The final exam is validated by a vocational training certificate with the OPQF qualification.


Formation duration : 1 year

In the context of Internet projects, the web developer is in charge of a vast work that goes from the analysis of the needs of the customer to the realization of the final architecture, through the strategic technical choices.
He works most often as a team under the direction of a project manager and from a set of specifications.
While mobile devices will soon become the main Internet access terminals, the web developer must incorporate a new approach to data sharing and the resulting constraints.

Its competences are articulated around three poles: the development of web applications strictly speaking (the middleware in three-thirds architecture), the modeling of the real and the creation of databases, the multimedia integration (starting from an interface most often done by a web designer). But at the time of Web 2.0, the web developer is more and more led to extend his sphere of intervention even in the interaction with the user through the Ajax technological package.

Formation program

  • The fundamentals
  • Integration
  • Development platform
  • Modeling databases
  • Templating
  • Project management


  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • SQL/mySQL


  • Web developer
  • Rich media integrator
  • Web and multimedia designer and director
  • Assistant Project Manager Internet
  • Internet consultant, intranet, extranet

Activity area

Multimedia creation agency or studio, Web Agency, Computer engineering services company (CESC), Online interactive digital production and production industry, Press, Audiovisual, E-commerce and marketing …

Admission to school & Prerequisites

  • Bac +2 in computer science – formation in webdesign and/or formation SRC
  • File & interview (presentation of personal works)

Programs of study

  • Initial formation
  • Continuing Education
  • Work-study formation (professionalization contract)

The final exam is validated by a professional training certificate. Itecom Art Design has received the OPQF qualification.



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