What is VAE?

The VAE (validation of acquired experience) is a device that recognizes the value of professional experience in the process of acquiring the skills necessary for the exercise of a trade, in parallel with traditional formation.

Contrary to popular belief, this is an old practice that dates back to a law of July 10, 1934 (Education Code L 642-9) and governed by a decree of May 16, 1975, which allowed to issue to technicians, with five years of professional practice in functions commonly assigned to engineers, the title of engineer graduated by the State.

After a revival in the 1980s, VAE is now well established.

It is indeed an individual right   registered in both the Labor Code and the Code of Education.

Thus, “any person engaged in active life is entitled to validate the achievements of his experience, including professional, for the acquisition of a diploma, a title for professional purpose or a qualification certificate . “

The VAE concerns anyone who wants to recognize his professional achievements, by diploma (in the most frequent case of general education) or a professional title, as is the case at Itecom Art Design.

The VAE at Itecom Art Design

Itecom Art Design offers four specific VAE courses for the following titles:

  • bachelor decoration – designer : title registered at NDPC (National Directory of Professional Certification) under the number 24437 by decree of May 6, 2015 and published in the J.O. May 27, 2015, NSF codes 233v / 312v level III (French) level 5 (European)
  • Space design : title registered at NDPC (National Directory of Professional Certification)under the n ° 26177 by decree of May 26, 2016 and published in the J.O. June 7, 2016, code NSF 233n level II (French) level 6 (European)
  • Designer of interior spaces : title registered at NDPC (National Directory of Professional Certification) under the n ° 26153 by decree of May 26th, 2016 and published in the J.O. on June 7th, 2016, code NSF 233n level III (french) level 5 (European)
  • Infographics : title registered at NDPC (National Directory of Professional Certification) under the n ° 18138 by order of January 20th, 2014 and published in the J.O. on January 30th, 2014, code NSF 320n level III (french) level 5 (European)

Who can apply ?

VAE is open to all: there are no criteria of age, status (employee, craftsman, volunteer, self-employed, temporary, etc.) or the level of training required.

The only condition is to justify a minimum of one year of professional experience with a direct link to the content and level of the title.

Why ask for a VAE at Itecom Art Design?

Several situations arise :

  • have their qualifications recognized by an assessment that follows recognized terms and conditions in a registered title to the NDCP;
  • evolve into a new job or function ;
  • consider a professional reconversion ;
  • facilitate and shorten a formation course ;
  • resume a training course that requires the recognition of a level (apply for a master level I by holding a level II title) ;
  • to enter a competition that requires the acquisition of a certain level.

Who is concerned with VAE?

All employees involved in the workforce are covered by the validation of experience acquired at Itecom Art Design when they can justify at least one year of professional experience in the trades covered by the title.

This possibility applies to any person, regardless of age, status, level of study, nationality or initial qualification.

The candidate will have to provide the necessary proofs, namely the payslips and / or the certificate (s) signed by at least two persons responsible for the corresponding associative structure.

What are the conditions of access to VAE?

To benefit from the VAE, one must have exercised functions & nbsp; in direct relation with the certified certification and this for at least a year minimum.

At Itecom Art Design, for Level II and Level III titles, most of the professions involved in space design and graphic design / digital design, as well as certain arts and crafts such as interior decoration, scenography, merchandising, etc.

If the experiments must have been carried out in the same professional field, it must however be remembered that all statuses are accepted : employee, non-salaried (liberal profession, craftsman, merchant), civil servant, contract worker public service, volunteer, volunteer, etc.

The activity may have been practiced in France or abroad. It may be current or past, continuous or discontinuous, be or have been carried out on a full-time or part-time basis. There are specific calculation methods according to the professional sectors.

The candidate must be able to prove the existence of his activity by presenting salary slips, tax declarations or URSAFF, or attestations signed by his employers.

How does the VAE procedure at Itecom Art Design take place?

  1. Admissibility: The VAE candidate begins by withdrawing the admissibility file of the application (called booklet 1) by sending an email  to :

    He must first ascertain the conformity of his acquired skills with that of the title concerned.

  2. Download the book 1 Itecom Paris
    Download the book 1 Itecom Nice
    Download the CERFA
  3. Delivery of the validation file:   If the application for the VAE is accepted, the candidate is given a validation file (called booklet 2) to complete as well as a date of presentation to the jury.
    In the case of a rejection of the application following the delivery of the booklet 1, the candidate is notified in writing within a maximum period of two months. The lack of response at the end of the two months is a refusal. The administrative admissibility of the application does not prejudge the final decision of the jury.
  4. Writing the validation file  : The validation file that follows the framework of the booklet 2 can then be developed. This phase can last several months and asks the candidate to take the greatest care in developing the file. An accompaniment can be provided by Itecom Art Design for this work.
  5. Jury presentation  : At the end of this writing phase, the candidate presents the elements to the validation jury. This jury is composed of three professional members of the sector, namely a president, a representative of employees, an employer representative. He is sovereign of his decision. He may proceed before deliberation to an interview with the candidate to clarify or specify certain points of the file.
    In case of full validation, the certification is awarded to the candidate.
    In case of partial validation, the jury recommends additional training in order to validate the certification; at the end of these additions, the file is again presented to the jury for a new evaluation
    Lastly, the jury may refuse validation, believing that the skills necessary to perform the profession covered by the title are not met.


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