Our state of mind

We are a family school and act to create a friendly atmosphere: the year is punctuated by unifying events (gala, new year, open days, showroom), organized around the creations of students.

Creativity trainer

The school year takes place around student creation projects, carried out with the help of teachers. Several times a year, students present their books in front of a jury. It is all of these creations that allows the passage to the upper class.

School life and course work

The school year runs from September to June and the student will be noted throughout it on specific projects to be regularly made to his teachers. At several times of the year, students spend part-time with a presentation of their book during a visit to their faculty. The average of these grades obtained, will be the subject of his admission to higher class. The final exam takes place in front of a jury of professionals outside the school who evaluate the work done by the student. This examination will be validated according to the diploma prepared by a RNCP or CSFP title with the qualification OPQF (professional office of qualification of the training organizations).

Our campuses

ITECOM PARIS & NICE it is a know-how for more than 35 years in the world of creation and the Web with a will of perpetual evolution in permanent adequation with the economic realities of the markets. Indeed, each stakeholder plays a leading role in putting their professionalism into practice. Training is a tool for personal and professional development.

By philosophy and commitment, ITECOM ART DESIGN values ​​the experience in the company and implements the two fundamental dimensions of effective training: teaching periods and alternating contracts with partner companies. These courses complement the training chosen by a pragmatic experience in the field. Accelerator of success, this dual aspect of training allows you to validate the knowledge acquired by giving them a concrete and professional dimension. This is an essential approach for successful business integration.

    In concrete terms, you have the possibility to choose the most suitable formula:

  • Work-study formation
  • Initial formation
  • Continuing education, PFA, CSP, …
  • Short term module
  • VAE “Validation of acquired experience”

Learn more : What are the titles and certifications of the courses delivered by Itecom? 


12 rue du 4 septembre – 75002 Paris

Du lundi au vendredi de 9h00 à 18h00

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7 bd Prince de Galles – Cimiez – 06000 NICE

Du lundi au vendredi de 9h00 à 18h00

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