Itecom Nice opinion

Océane’s opinion on the formation of interior architecture

When I graduated from high school, I wanted to pursue higher studies in applied arts, to become an interior designer. The training of Itecom Nice brings exactly what I was looking for: a high level of technical requirement, which allows us to acquire fundamental know-how, and a good working atmosphere!

Héloïse gives her opinion on the training in Visual Communication

I am passionate since very young by the drawing, and the graphic arts in general. After a bac STD2A, I wanted to move towards visual communication to do a job that offers a variety of possibilities of expression. Here we are lucky to have a very complete program that allows us to prepare for all types of creations. In addition, we are surrounded by a very nice team!

Karim, 1st year video editing / special effects student

For me, cinema is the magic of technique, and especially that of special effects. I dream of becoming a creator of special effects. I discovered Itecom through a student lounge, and I decided to get started. In this training, we touch all the technical aspects of editing, and special effects. The atmosphere is great, and the artistic projects are very motivating!

Arthur, étudiant en UTAA prep

The UTAA preparation was really what I needed after a general course at the Lycée. It was my personal work that allowed me to win the agreement of the jury, and to enter the school. Now, I have a lot more confidence in continuing in the field of applied arts. The team really guides us to help us in our orientation, I think I’m going towards a web designer training, but I still give myself some time to think, and experiment.

Héléna talks about her training in BTS graphic design

I am in 2nd year of training in graphic design, with the option of digital media. I wanted to learn a job that combines drawing and new technologies, and the program is really adapted to my expectations. There are as many artistic teachings as there are techniques. Our teachers are active professionals, which allows us to work with the same requirements as when we will be in the job market. The most is that the entire school team is very attentive to accompany us, and advise us in our orientation.

Boris, first year of training Web integrator developer

I discovered school by surfing the Internet. I already knew some html and css languages, and I was looking for training to specialize. Itecom’s program pleased me, and today I am not disappointed with my choice. The program is rich and demanding, and the setting is really nice, with teachers listening and small working groups not overloaded.

Redouane talks about the training and animation 3D

I am passionate about video games since I was little, and I wanted to make a profession related to this universe. After my baccalaureate, I did not really have knowledge in the arts and design, so I integrated Itecom prep, before heading to my training. From the first year, we create a 3D team game with other students, it’s really great!

Eléanore, second year student of BTS graphic design

Many of my friends had to leave the region to study, especially in Paris. I did not want to leave, because I am very attached to my city of Nice and, thanks to Itecom, I could do my BTS in graphic design without having to leave. The school is really great, the teachers help us a lot to progress, and to define our professional project.

Manon talks about decoration formation

I always liked the decor, hunt, flush out rare items, vintage accessories. I can almost say that my room has become a work of art! I first wanted to go to university, but my passion quickly caught up with me, and I looked for a school to get started. I found Itecom on the Internet, and I am now in 1st year of decoration, visual merchandising window display option. The courses are great, the team is very present, and makes us want to succeed.

Malika, student in BTS Space Design

Leaving the baccalaureate, I had a very clear idea of ​​the training I wanted to do because I want to become an environmental designer. I compared the programs of the different schools, and found that Itecom’s BTS space design best met my expectations. The content of the courses is very rich, the teachers are very attentive to the students, a really great school!

Guillaume, computer graphics student Webdesign

I wanted to do graphic design training, and I found that Itecom’s Webdesign Infographic Training program was what I was looking for. The approach to project management is really very interesting. In addition, we can do the training alternately, which is a real plus to be able to succeed later.

Louise tells us about decoration formation at Itecom Nice

I am in 2nd year of decoration, option Home makeover, I always liked the decoration, the fact of adapting an aesthetic to pragmatic and technical constraints. With this training, we really learn from a concept, and go towards the realization with a whole apparatus of cultural and artistic knowledge. It’s super interesting!
I was able to realize that PHOTOSHOP can be used to do a lot of things: from photo editing to designing sets or spaces. This training is perfect for someone very curious, creative and lover of the image and visual arts in general like me, it allowed me and will undoubtedly allow me to discover other passions and develop others skills.