Itecom Paris opinion

Welcome to the Opinions from the Itecom Art Design School , this page gathers your testimonials from the students who passed by the school or who arrived last year. If you also want to give your opinion on the school, do not hesitate to write to us.

Your opinions about ITECOM:

SYLVAIN PREPA 2013 gives its opinion on itecom Paris 2013:

It’s a good school because we touch on different artistic disciplines such as VISUAL COMMUNICATION, computer graphics, drawing, art history courses … I discovered methods and tools that allow to to express myself fully today. From a human point of view it’s also very interesting! Participating in specific workshops and meeting with stakeholders who come here to explain their work. It’s an opening to the world of art but also an open mind. “

Clara gives its opinion on the 2011 prep :

I was not sure of myself when I went into prep, But this preparation allowed me to touch everything and guided me with the help of the head teacher to my path. We have had many courses related to architecture (geometry, representation in space, etc.), and now I come back in 1st year in architecture at itecom, I am more comfortable compared to others. This has been a real plus for me. “

Stephanie gives its opinion on the 2012 mv2 :

I am currently in Canada I am thinking of staying there. I will make my first documentary for a TV channel. All this would not have happened if I had not been to itecom in video editing section. I had a fabulous year and thank the whole team! “

Laurine gives its opinion on the 2013 prep :

The year of prep multimedia brought me knowledge in the field of art (history of art), and also various plastic techniques as well as in computer graphics to address a subject in order to highlight and to understand its meaning. Currently I think I head to the BTS space design in 2 years has itecom!

The opinion of Clarisse student DECO 2 in 2012:

The interior decoration is working on the development of a space you have to define a theme, trend chart, choose the items to be exposed, respect the instructions and the budget of the client … The reflection to be carried out to see the successful project is very interesting!

Valentine Prep 2013 :

I knew ITECOM thanks to a radio ad !!!! Leaving the school, it’s a whole new atmosphere, very rewarding. Thanks to a team of professionals of choice from the professional world the courses are of quality and all the more interesting. I enjoy coming to school because they are allied work and conviviality. !!!!!!!

Luc student in webdesign 2012:

The web is a dimension that allows everyone to awaken their creativity. It was after a training in computer graphics that I wanted to use this experience. Where other schools specialize only in design, programming or marketing, Itecom understands that everything is connected, and offers training that allows me to exploit my creativity, fuel my curiosity and diversify my skills . On top of that the teachers are real pros and are always available for us. My adviser helped me a lot for my CV and portfolio! It is dynamic !! and motivating. Now I am in alternation and I think to continue in programming itecom !!!! tomorrow is now!

Stephane Créagame 1st year 2011 Video Games:

We quickly acquire a good foundation, The teachers are listening and do not hesitate to spend time with those who are new to the field. At the end of this first year, each student must carry out a personal project. It is both a way to prove to oneself that this is really what we want to do !!!!!!


Francesco Masiello has done Photoshop training at ITECOM as part of the continuing education program, he is now at the head of his own company.

“ In order to enrich my skills for my recent profession of freelance Visual Merchandiser, I was looking for a training that would allow me to propose to my clients and prospects projects of showcases and interiors of points of sale as close as possible to reality.

I was delighted to come across ITECOM. The reception of the staff was immediately warm and smiling: Mrs. Céline LESUR, Consultant of the school, patiently followed my Dossier and was able to direct me towards a formation PHOTOSHOP. My excellent trainer, Mr Guillaume De Stercke knew how to listen to my needs and to transmit to me his know-how with passion and professionalism.
I was able to realize that PHOTOSHOP can be used to do a lot of things: from photo editing to designing sets or spaces. This training is perfect for someone very curious, creative and lover of the image and visual arts in general like me, it allowed me and will undoubtedly allow me to discover other passions and develop others skills.“